It has been more than 60 years since the postwar reconstruction near the Makishi Public Market in Naha City. The first grandfather, Jisshin, immediately after the war at a store with a tin roof. The hardware store started to open and took over for the second time in 1972 and until now. We sell Japanese dishes, Japanese porcelain and Japanese miscellaneous goods centering on Mino ware and Arita ware. There are two sign cats in the store. An excellent cat clerk who has never broken tableware Nyan-nyan Maru and Chacha Maru. The main job is patrol and nap in the store. Nyan-nyan Maru (Siamese, male) 3 old year Charmy Chacha Maru (brown, female)2 old year ●classic Japanese tabl were   watsuha/津覇商店 2-9-18 Matsuo, Naha City, Okinawa,900-0014 Japan https://g.page/watsuha?share [tel/fax]+81-98-863-1760 [hours] 11-19 [ holiday]: Sunday